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Want to learn more about Romans? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 4-part series.

Lesson 1: The Apostle Paul in Rome (Romans 1 & 15, Acts 28)
Have you wanted to travel somewhere and life kept getting in the way? When you finally traveled there, it was a real joy, right? Or, maybe not. What if the trip involved seeing relatives you had never before met, or a relative that you had not seen in years? Would you consider carefully how you would approach them? Would you want to make the best impression? We start a new series of studies on Paul's letter to the Romans. This week we want to consider some of the issues that probably went through Paul's mind as he contemplated his letter and his visit. With that in mind, let's dive into our study of Romans and learn more!

Lesson 2: The Controversy (Acts 15)
This will be a shock. Our lesson this week, our second lesson in our study of Romans, has no readings in Romans! Here is what we are doing, and I think you will agree this is a good idea: to better help us understand Paul's letter to the Romans we are studying the background for Paul's letter. Our main study is the record in Acts 15 about the biggest controversy in the early Christian church. Let's plunge into our study and learn more!

Lesson 3: The Human Condition (Romans 1:18-3:20)
Have you ever thought about how much a belief in righteousness by faith shapes your entire view of God? Consider that righteousness by faith (grace) means that all human effort is flawed. Only God is perfect. This not only says something about how I am saved, but it says something about how I should view others. It says something about how I should view God's role in the universe. Our study this week about the "human condition" starts us down this road of considering the larger view of grace. Let's dive in and learn what the Bible has to teach us!

Lesson 4: Justification By Faith (Romans 3:1-9,19-28)
Have you had someone disrespect you? Have you disrespected others? Many years ago, I was trying to mediate a very difficult problem that arose between church members. At one point a church member called me a profane name. I knew he did not mean it because he was upset. A few weeks later, the member came to me and apologized. I didn't know what he was talking about at first because I had put it out of my mind. On the other hand, I can still recall a few incidents when someone intended to insult me. Why am I asking you about respect in a study on righteousness by faith? It is to help open your mind to the idea that righteousness by faith not only gives us the key to eternal life, it should radically change our attitude toward others. Let's learn more about this by diving into our study of Romans!

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