Holy Spirit

April, May, June 2006

Want to learn more about Holy Spirit? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

Lesson 1: The Personality and Divinity of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12, Genesis 1, Mark 3)
The nature of God is a major subject of the Bible. What separated the followers of the Living God from the rest of the world was their belief in a single living God, and not a large number of gods. Even today, observant Jews wonder how Christians could get "off the track" with their belief in three, not one God. Why do we believe that the Holy Spirit is one part of the Trinity that is God? Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His nature? Our study this quarter takes us into these questions about the Holy Spirit. Let's begin by plunging into our study right now!

Lesson 2: The Holy Spirit Symbolized in Scripture (Luke 3, John 7, Zechariah 4, 2 Corinthians 1)
Guys, has anyone ever compared you to an elephant, a bull, a rooster or a chicken? Ladies, has anyone ever compared you to a flower, a tiger, a vision or a "tomboy?" We make such comparisons to help others get a better picture of the person we are discussing. God does this same kind of thing with the Holy Spirit. To help us better understand His nature, the Bible compares the Holy Spirit to several things which we will explore this week in our study. Let's plunge right into the Bible!

Lesson 3: Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Luke 1 & 4, John 14)
If I asked you whether you would like to be smarter, wiser, stronger, and in general, more powerful, what would you say? This week our study opens our eyes to the enormous power that Jesus enjoyed while here on earth. Is that same power is available to us? Let's dive into our study to find out!

Lesson 4: The Promise of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2, Matthew 3, Acts 1)
Have you ever been promised something that you really wanted? A job promotion? A gift of money? Marriage? A new car? A vacation? How did you like anticipating the gift? I don't know about you, but I get great enjoyment out of the anticipation. Sometimes, I confess, the anticipation turned out to be as good as the actual gift - maybe better! Sometimes, I find that I was anticipating the wrong gift! This week our lesson is about anticipating the full power of God in our life. Let's race right into our study and find out what that means!

Lesson 5: The Promise Fulfilled (Acts 1 & 2)
Would you like the Holy Spirit to come in power into your life? How about coming in power to your church? Our lesson today is about the fulfillment of the promise that Jesus made to His disciples of the gift of the Holy Spirit. How did they get ready for Him? How did the Holy Spirit come? Let's dive into our study and find out!

Lesson 6: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2, 1 Corinthians 12)
As a practical matter, what does it mean to be "baptized" with the Holy Spirit? What is it that the Holy Spirit will do to and through us? Is there some sort of test? Are there "approved" gifts and "approved" work? How can we know? Our study this week looks at how the Holy Spirit works in our life. Let's plunge into our study!

Lesson 7: Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12)
Last week, we discussed the baptism of the Holy Spirit and, in a general way, we discussed the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This week I promised you that we would get into a study of the specific gifts. What are they? How do they work? Which one(s) do you think you have? Why are some of them hiding? Let's get specific and dive in to our study of the Bible!

Lesson 8: Fruit of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5)
Talking with Christians about the Holy Spirit can sometimes get pretty confusing. Last week we studied the specific "gifts" of the Holy Spirit - which to an outsider sounds like the Holy Spirit might have something in common with Santa Claus. This week we study the "fruit" of the Holy Spirit, which sounds like the Holy Spirit might have something in common with an fruit tree. How would you explain the difference between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit? Let's dive into our study of the Bible and find out!

Lesson 9: The Christian's Guide (Luke 2, Acts 8, Romans 8)
We have discussed the gifts given by the Holy Spirit. We have discussed the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our life. What else does the Holy Spirit do for those who are willing to work with Him? Have you ever felt impressed by the Holy Spirit? Have you ever felt the Spirit was guiding your actions? Let's explore what God has to say about the practical leading of the Holy Spirit in the life of the willing and attentive Christian!

Lesson 10: Life Through the Holy Spirit (Romans 8)
Have you ever seen a beautiful creation? Maybe it is a car. Maybe a work of art made of glass. Maybe it is jewelry. Maybe it is a flower. If it is really beautiful, you look at it from every direction to appreciate every aspect of it. It just feels good to take in all of the beauty! I feel that way about our series of studies about the Holy Spirit. We have looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We have looked at the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Last week we studied how the Holy Spirit leads in our life - with an emphasis on His physical direction. This week our study moves to how the Holy Spirit leads us spiritually. Let's dive into the Bible for a closer inspection!

Lesson 11: The Restorer (Genesis 3, Romans 4-6)
Humans fell into sin, but it was not like accidentally tripping on a root and falling. Adam and Eve made some important choices in their "adventure" into sin. Thankfully, our God did not, in disgust, abandon us. Instead, His desire then and His desire now is to bring us out of sin. This week our study is how we got into sin and what the Holy Spirit is doing to help us out of sin and to help us prepare for eternal life. Let's dive into the Bible and learn more!

Lesson 12: The Sin Against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 22, Mark 3, Romans 14)
You are constantly making decisions. When you make those decisions you are not just saying "yes" or "no," you sometimes say, "Absolutely," "this will make me popular," "this will make me rich," or "this could really be a disaster." This week we discuss the worst disaster imaginable in a decision. We are discussing how we can choose to commit the "unpardonable sin." Is such a thing possible? Let's jump into the Bible and find out!

Lesson 13: The Holy Spirit in the Last Days (Joel 2, James 5, Revelation 3)
Do you want Jesus to return and take you to heaven with Him? Are you tired of living with sin, sadness, pain, grief and conflict? The Bible tells us that special things will be happing in the "last days." One of those "things" is that the Holy Spirit will be especially active. What will the Holy Spirit be doing? Will we be ready? Let's jump into our study of the Bible and find out what the Holy Spirit will be doing!

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