Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark

April, May, June 2005

Want to learn more about Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

Lesson 1: Introducing Jesus, the Son of God (Mark 1:1-20)
Papias, an early Christian writer, provides a very interesting insight into the Gospel of Mark. Relying on a very early source, Papias tells us that Mark was a close associate of Peter. This is supported by 1 Peter 5:13 where we find Peter referring to Mark as "my son Mark." Church tradition refers to Mark as "Peter's interpreter." (The Bible Exposition Commentary) Thus it appears that Peter preached about his work with Jesus and Mark wrote it down and arranged it. (NIV Study Bible, Introduction to Mark) The book of Mark is filled with action - small wonder if he took his source material from Peter. Let's jump into the action by beginning our study of Mark!

Lesson 2: Miracle Worker (Mark 1:21-2:17)
The New Bible Commentary reminds us that once a king "had been anointed, proclaimed and given God's Spirit for the task, he had to go out and prove his calling." (Commentary on Mark 1:21.) Last week, Mark paraded a series of witnesses to prove that Jesus was the Son of God. He showed us Jesus' baptism and His endorsement by God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This week Mark proceeds to show us how Jesus now proves His calling. Let's jump right into the middle of the action!

Lesson 3: Sabbath Healings and Hard Hearts (Mark 2:23-3:35)
Recently, I was skimming over an article that argued that Jesus' treatment of the Sabbath teaches us that we should no longer observe it. Is this true? What was Jesus trying to teach us in His treatment of the Sabbath? Let's dive into God's word and see if we can understand Jesus' lesson for us!

Lesson 4: By Galilee (Mark 4:1-5:43)
Do you like to be among the elite group of insiders? At work, are you one of those who knows what is really going on with the company? Do you want to know all of the secrets? This week Mark teaches us that becoming a follower of Jesus is like joining an elite, secret society. Jesus has "insider" messages only for us. We understand secrets the world does not. How is this possible? Let's dive into the Bible and find out!

Lesson 5: Confrontation in Galilee (Mark 6:1-7:23)
Success breeds detractors, right? Ladies, if you see a beautiful woman do you look for the flaws? Men, if you see a rich successful man, do you look for reasons why that could not be you? (If you feel better reversing the gender in these questions, go ahead.) Years ago, we bought a beautiful, new Ford Thunderbird. When my wife drove it to school, her co-worker was excited to tell her that one of the headlight covers was cracked. When a visitor drove a new and rare Dodge Viper to church, I recall fixing my mind on some design flaw. How long has this been human nature? Since, at least, the time of Jesus? Let's dive in a read what His neighbors said about Him!

Lesson 6: Passion Predicted (Mark 7:24-9:13)
What keeps a person from having faith in Jesus? The insults of church members? The failure of prayer to obtain the requested results? Spiritual blindness? This week we study a series of stories surrounding Jesus' miracles. In these stories we learn lessons about the importance of faith. Let's dive into our study!

Lesson 7: Teaching the Disciples (Mark 9:14-10:31)
This week, our text in Mark teaches us several lessons. We are going to try to unravel three of those. These are lessons on prayer, divorce and money. You might want to hold your hands over your eyes! For the brave, let's dive in!

Lesson 8: The Final Journey (Mark 10:32-11:25)
Think about the times when you were coming up to the deadline for an unpleasant or very difficult task. How did you react during those last few "crunch days?" For some people, the pressure helps them to focus. For others, the pressure interferes with their focus. Jesus is coming down to the last week of His life here on earth. This week we look at stories which reveal His focus. Let's dive in!

Lesson 9: Last Days in the Temple (Mark 11:27-12:44)
Last week we studied how Jesus entered Jerusalem as the Messiah and King. This week we see the Jewish leadership striking back, not with brute force, but with questions designed to get Jesus in trouble with the Roman authorities or with the people. How will Jesus react? Our study this week shows that Jesus is still working for the salvation of those who have declared war on Him. Let's dive in and learn more!

Lesson 10: Predictions of the End (Mark 13)
If I could tell your future, would you want to hear it? Would you prefer to know the general outline instead of specifics? This week our study is one of the most interesting and perplexing in the Bible. Jesus tells His disciples about the future. There is little doubt that they did not correctly understand it at the time. I'm not so sure we can get it right today, but let's jump into our study and see what we can learn!

Lesson 11: Betrayed and Arrested (Mark 14:1-51)
When we left Jesus and the disciples last week, Jesus was preparing them for His death (Mark 12:1-11) and for a time of arrest and trials (Mark 13:9-11). The beginning of trouble for them is now at hand. Let's plunge into our study and learn more about the last few hours of Jesus' life here on earth.

Lesson 12: Tried and Crucified (Mark 14:53-15:41)
Our study this week brings us to the heart of the gospel. Jesus gave up His life so that you might live. Let's dive into our study!

Lesson 13: Buried - But Risen! (Mark 15:42-16:8)
From the very beginning of this series of lessons Mark lays out the evidence for Jesus being the Messiah. This week we arrive at the last lesson in our study of Mark and the glorious conclusion to Mark's proof. This week we witness the resurrection of our Lord! Or, do we? Does Mark leave us with faith or proof? Let's jump right into our study!

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