Lesson 2: Death in a Sinful World (Genesis 3)

Imagine you are Satan. You have rebelled against God and you and your allied angels have been (or are about to be) tossed out of heaven. What do you do? We know from Revelation 12:7-9 that Satan engaged in an actual battle with God. The Bible uses the words "war" and "fighting." Why would Satan do that? The obvious answer is that Satan wanted to rule heaven - or at least some part of it. We also know that Satan tried to lure the newly created humans into rejecting God in favor of him. Why would he do that? The humans, unlike the angels, had no power to fight God. Was Satan's motive to insult God? Perhaps Satan thought that causing humans to enter into sin would make them like him (and the other fallen angels), and God would make a way to reconcile them all? What Satan managed to accomplish was to trigger death among humans, and in the process create death for himself and his fallen angels. Let's jump into our study of the Bible and learn more!

The Current Quarter’s Bible Studies on Death, Dying, and Future Hope.

Lesson 1
Rebellion in a Perfect Unive
(Matthew 13, Ezekiel 28, 1 John 4)
How did evil arise in the perfect universe created by God? Some Christians say that imperfect humans can never fully understand a perfect and all-knowing God. That is true, but some questions go to...

Emotional Intelligence

Can the Bible help you get promoted at work? Can the Bible increase your pay? Can the Bible help you keep your job? Improve your marriage? The answer is “Yes!” The Bible teaches principles of “emotional intelligence” that can actually help you to be smarter and get along better. Bruce Cameron, the writer of these Bible studies and a law professor, has published a paper written for lawyers which presents 17 Bible-based rules of emotional intelligence which God gave us to improve our lives. Best of all, Professor Cameron’s paper is free and you do not have to be a lawyer to understand it. To get your free copy, first click on this link. Second, when you see the title of the paper (EI, EI, Oh What an Employee), click on the “One-Click Download” and the paper will download to your computer as a PDF. If you have friends who want to read the paper, have them go to the website and download it as well.